Legal Section


Every Company has Policy's & Procedures, right??  Right.  And, Well, one of DG CONSTRUCTION's is that all projects are required to have a signed contract, completely filled out and on file before a project will be break ground.  Every customer/client is provided a copy of their contract the day of signing.  Every customer/client is entitled to a copy of their contract and can request additional copies as necessary.  DG CONSTRUCTION's contracts are in place not only to protect us but to protect the customer/client, as well.  DG CONSTRUCTION wants to be sure that everyone signing the contract understands what is being provided and what is not.

DG CONSTRUCTION has found that our homeowners
want to read over what they will be signing before
meeting to do the signing, so please do not hesitate
to request a copy before meeting.


Another DG CONSTRUCTION Policy & Procedure is Deposits. A 50% deposit is required for all residential projects.  The remaining 50% balance is due upon completion of the project.


DG CONSTRUCTION offers a one year warranty on craftsmanship of projects.  Warranty paperwork is discussed during contract signing and is signed by owner and/or a representative of DG Construction, upon project completion.  The Customer/Client receives a copy, DG CONSTRUCTION keeps the original. 


All personal information and/or business information collected by DG CONSTRUCTION guarantees it to be kept secure and private.  No personal information will be given out at any time to anyone.

Warranty paperwork WILL NOT be provided
until balance has been PAID IN FULL.*
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